I Make Protest

Yes, Slut Walk was as much fun as it sounds, and unfortunately I was severely under-dressed. Walking around the Boston Common there were a lot of laughs, great people and funny signs. That’s not to say there were not many sobering moments as well, people shared personal stories and speakers took to the band stand and gave voice to serious issues from rape-culture to slut shaming.

This is a very rough video I shot at the event with my Droid X.

Slut Walk Boston was part of an international series of Slut Walks. The first Slut Walk originated in Toronto, Canada in response to a police officer’s comments at a lecture on safety at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. Officer Michael Sanguinetti said that in order to avoid getting raped or being victimized women should not “dress like sluts.” For more about the event and the movement check out this article by Natalie Olbrych on TNGG.


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