I Make Poor Skee Ball Scores

The Skee Ball machine next to me lit up as my friend Adam landed 40pt and 50pt scores with each ball, and my machine blinked a disappointing 130. Scores aside, arcades are a lot more fun when you’re old enough to play as much as you want. No more digging through sofa cushions for me! However, after running through about $10 in quarters at the Salem Willows Arcade another disappointment lay waiting at the ticket redemption counter. Seriously, who wins 1,000 tickets?

Still, it’s interesting how much more valuable things can feel when they’ve got a high price tag. After taking a closer look at the prises I’m fairly certain they’re all available at the dollar store. And yet, the ticket prices next to each item warped that perspective. I really want that floral veggie tray (pictured) and I have all summer to get my game on…


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