Good Times at ROFLcon

ROFLcon is an Internet culture conference that’s all about memes and hosted at MIT. It was fun hanging out with people who like to discuss the theory of the Internet and memes. For the “uninitiated” it’s tough to see what makes these Internet  phenomena so interesting, but there’s a lot  more to memes than meets the eye. Most simply, they tell us something about the nature of communication in the Internet age. Panels explored topics like memes in politics, international memes (Iran, China and Brazil), meta-memes, and more generally the importance of keeping the Internet free and open.

Beyond that, many of the attendees were memes and internet celebrities themselves. These included Success Kid (now grown up), Antoine Dodson (“Hide your kids, hide your wives.”), Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey (makers of the original Shit Girls Say), Hanna Hart  (star of My Drunk Kitchen) — and I even got my picture with Scumbag Steve (as you may know, he’s a pretty nice guy).

It only happens every two years, and since those who put it on are all volunteers, there’s always a question if there will ever be another ROFLcon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it comes back again.


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