Mars rover Curiosity lands tomorrow

Here’s my $0.02 on the Mars rover landing tomorrow morning (Monday) at 1:31 a.m. EDT.

We don’t actually go into space very often. We say that, but really it’s “low earth orbit.” That is, saying the “Space Shuttle” went into space is like sitting on your front porch and saying you went to Disney World.

In truth, we don’t really “do” space travel all that often. But tomorrow, we are totally going to see Mickey Mouse!Maybe it’s just that I grew up with Star Trek, but for me this is a huge deal! We’re going to try to land a f-ing robot on another planet in an attempt to answer the biggest question there ever was: is life, are we, unique in the universe?

But beyond that, it’s moments like these when we can come together as a planet (really). This is another tiny step in a series of tiny steps for humanity. It isn’t about any nation, and it’s not really even about Mars — it’s about people looking up at the sky together. Maybe that’s overly romantic, but that’s what I believe.


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