FutureM Talk in More Detail

This is the short description of my talk at FutureM:

“A study of a millennial’s views and engagement with 21st Century brands, from Jason Potteiger, founder of Mercury Point Research and graduate of Suffolk University”

I’d like to expand a bit on that.

After the initial excitement of being selected as a speaker at FutureM wore off a bit, the reality of preparing my talk set in. I cleared my head and thought about what I want to share.

I love communication theory because I think it makes me a better Account Planner. Many of my ideas flow from deconstructing things that work and getting to the core of why. Thus, while the subject of talk will be the evolution of brands in the digital age, I’m also excited to share some ways in which I think communication theory can be employed to help us produce better work across the industry.

As an aspiring Account Planner  I employ theory to better understand the consumer. People are communicating in new ways (digital natives, mobile natives, etc.). As Marshall McLuhan notes, when media technology changes not only does culture change, but how we make culture changes as well. 

We entered the digital age 20 years ago, but only recently have we seen the result of this paradigm shift. What happens to culture when millions of people start talking with each other all at once? Among other things it has fundamentally changed how consumers interact with brands and how brand image is constructed in their minds.

In my talk I hope to build a bridge from theory to practice; exploring both how new technology has changed the way we build culture (especially millennials) and some direct lessons we can draw from this to build more effective ’21st century brands.’


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