I’m Hacking Yes.Oui.Si.

I’m supporting the Brand Hack Team that’s re-branding the multisensory production company Yes.Oui.Si. on September 26, 2012! The hack is a spectator event (it’s about showcasing the creative process). Watch live at the Revere Hotel as brilliant team of strategists, designers and copywriters to re-brand the company in just one day. Check out The Brand Hack for more details.

“Hello Hackers!

We are confirmed for the next Brand Hack at Revere Hotel on Wednesday September 26th! The eight hour day will take place in the back of Revere’s Emerald Lounge. The public reveal and after-party will be part of Future Boston Alliance’s ASSEMBLE series. Hackers please plan to arrive at the Revere by 8:30.  We will start promptly at 9am.

So far, the Yes.Oui,Si! Brand Hack team is:

Dave Demerjian

Emily Isenberg
Community Engagement Strategy

Jason Pottegier [that’s me!]

Ben Whitla

Caitlin McCabe
Social Media Strategy

Ben Spear
Creative Director

Allana Taranto
Project Management, Portraiture


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