Alumni Spotlight: Semester in Washington at GWU

This is a great big thank you to the Semester in Washington Program at GW that taught me so much back in the summer of 2007 about campaign management and the mechanics of Washington, D.C. Below is a link the the alumni spotlight they just wrote about me.

Jason Potteiger, Suffolk University Political Research Center (SUPRC)
December 21, 2012

Time and again, alumni of the Semester in Washington Politics program point to this experience as a career starter. Jason Potteiger is an alumnus who remembers fondly his summer studying and interning in the nation’s capital…

Jason has worked as a research strategist (a political analyst, strategist and project manager rolled into one) for political pollster David Paleologos since May 2010. He was hired to assist the Suffolk University Political Research Center (SUPRC) with the midterm elections and as a consultant for Paleologos’ polling company, DAPA Research Inc. At DAPA Research, Jason has worked on projects for political (from municipal to Congressional) and corporate clients… [read the full spotlight].




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