Sending All My Love To You (Boston)

On Monday my best friend Alex Pearlman, a reporter for The Boston Globe and Radio BDC, was in Copley Square when the bombs went off. She penned a firsthand account of what she saw that I’d like to share.

I Was At the Boston Marathon Bombing, This is My Story

It has been very strange to see my home in such disarray from so far away. Boston is a small town and it’s home to 80% of my friends and family. On Monday my Facebook feed was almost exclusively notes reading “I’m okay” and “I’m safe”.  I got texts from friends reading, “I can’t stop crying” and e-mails from others admitting they were afraid to ride the train the next day. But then they did.

It was especially surreal to experience how the friend-driven web can make you feel so close to a place. I could almost feel the worry and confusion through the screen. I was reminded of reading tweets and listening to audio messages (via Google) coming out of Egypt two years ago and how close I felt to complete strangers. This time it was my friends, it was Alex.

Bostonians, not unlike the New Yorkers I’m surrounded by today or Americans in general, are resilient and proud of their home. I imagine the noise, the confusion, the fear and the eerily quiet night that followed the bombing will stay with my community for some time. Though I can’t feel it directly, I know it must hurt, but I’m sure it will only make us stronger, kinder and fiercer friends in the end.

Be brave Boston, I miss you and love you.


PS great article by Chris Faraone: Boston, Through a Crisis Darkly

“I just can’t help but stop every couple of feet to note how drastically the Hub changed since two bombs went off near Copley Square… this landscape is a wholly unfamiliar beast.”


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