Sneaker Museum

Very proud of my friends at Yes.Oui.Si. for getting the Sneaker Museum off the ground. It truly came out amazing! I feel privileged to have been involved for the short time that I was — in helping with the audience segmentation for the business plan I certainly learned A LOT about sneakerheads.


“In the broadest sense, a sneakerhead is anyone who actively enjoys collecting sneakers. They love sneakers as much as a Star Trek fan loves dressing up as a Klingon and trekking to conventions. But, unlike Trekkies, they can be hard to spot. Today, almost anyone could be a sneakerhead as the community has become incredibly broad and diverse over the past two decades. Rich and poor, boys and girls, old and young, it’s clear that anyone is susceptible to the addiction to kicks that defines the sneakerhead archetype.”


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