About Jason

My name is Jason Potteiger and I work in consumer insights and creative development.

I’ve been thrown a wink and a nod a few times for having majored in both advertising and political science. And I’ve pulled down some work experience in both fields, too. But while it’s easy to see how advertising applies in DC, politics on Madison Avenue is admittedly less obvious.

My cross-training experience has given me a unique education in the science of choice; why voters vote and consumers consume. For every client, answering questions about choice is a task of triangulation that demands fluency in raw data, cultural landscapes, some imagination and a passion for the work.

Studying people and how they think, that grabs me, and that is what unites my past experiences. I owe my success thus far to my training in weighing quantitative data with qualitative findings. But most importantly, to simple truth that problem defining (i.e., what are we all having this meeting for in the first place?) is equally important to problem solving.

In my career thus far I’ve worked on research teams servicing industry leading brands, including:

Consulted on creative development and business strategy for Johnson & Johnson (Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Aveeno, Band-Aid, Neosporin), and Ferrero Global (Nutella, Tic Tac, Rocher). Explored consumer attitudes for FedEx, C Spire, Discover, Facebook; Supported pitches for Burson-Marsteller (Yahoo, HomeGoods). Wrote and presented new business round tables on Citibank, State Farm, Beam Global, Under Armour, Nextel Mexico, Snapfish. Managed research projects for Nestlé, Darden, Dewey Square Group, ML Strategies, and two successful Congressional campaigns. Supported teams for Olympus America, Victorinox/ Swiss Army, Jet Blue (pitch), Martha Stewart Crafts (pitch), Century 21 Realtors (pitch).


– E-Mail: JPotteiger [at] gmail [dot] com

– Everything else: About.me/jpotteiger


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