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Clean & Clear Campaign ‘See the Real Me’

It was a privilege work on this campaign for Clean & Clear, especially because it proves that advertising to women (and especially teenage girls) doesn’t require that brands make them feel ugly. In the insights phase of development we explored ways to engage with girls that was more positive and forward thinking than: you have a zit now use our product to “fix your face”. The heart of the campaign is about encouraging girls not be afraid of embracing their authentic selves and show the world their face (i.e., who they really are). Conceptually, we might sum up the approach as Dove’s “Real Beauty” meets  Nike’s “Just Do It”. In the execution DDB NY has done a great job blazing a new trail and J&J should be commended for their efforts to break the mold.

…Jeff B. Smith, president of United States skin care at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, said Clean & Clear, which is aimed at females from 12 to 24, is shifting the way it talks about confidence to reflect how social networks challenge self-image.

“There is an interesting dynamic with teen girls today that we call the paradox,” Mr. Smith said. “They live in the world of social media and are very much out there and want to be seen, but they’re afraid of being judged.

…Jen Drexler, senior vice president of the Insight Strategy Group and co-author of “What She’s Not Telling You,” reviewed the campaign and praised the casting of nonactors in both the commercials and videos.

“Those girls look like my teenage babysitters who show up on a Saturday night,” Ms. Drexler said. “Clean & Clear has a very authentic and honest place that it’s coming from, and here they feel very much on the side of teenage girls.

(via nytimes.com)