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New Article: Advertising & Art

Language of brands_Jason Potteiger

Warhol Was Wrong About Advertising & Art:

“Huh, so you make lies for a living?” That was the first question he asked me. It was also the first time I’d told anyone I worked in advertising. I thumbed the glass of whiskey in front of me. Having landed my first internship earlier that day, at just 21 years old it was a bigger question than I realized at the time. It was a question about culture.

Commercial messages and manufactured iconography swirl with, around, between us. Thousands of brands occupy the collective consciousness and command a piece of the cultural pie. This is a story about how, and why… (keep reading on medium.com)

I recently started writing a weekly column for the I Love Charts collection on Medium. Each week I use charts (and hopefully wit) to explore the synthetic side of culture.

I’m very much looking forward to unpacking some big ideas about advertising and culture. There’s a lot to hate about advertising, but  there’s a lot to love, too–it’s just harder to find sometimes. Whether you play for Ad Busters or Ad Week, the reality is it’s there and it’s shaping us and our world.


Thursday at the ICA

Down on Fan Pier every Thursday night the ICA is free from 5-9pm. Last night may have been a bit busier than normal as the ICA is currently hosting the the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and a preliminary round had just finished up when I arrived. Still, even sans speedos, the museum steps overlooking the bay packed with people just hanging out made me feel like I was in Europe. Boston is such a different sort of city in the Summer, I’m sad it’s almost over!