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Advertising Research: The Loneliest Profession


Sure, it’s unlikely Don Draper could land an agency job today. Still, advertising is a practitioner-oriented field, and this has held true since the Mad Men era… but it’s the distance between university halls vs. the avenues of New York is our primary concern.

Enter the advertising researcher (and a bit of shameless self-promotion). Not to invite myself to the party, but my point is we brought cake. There’s untapped potential for bringing together the different perspectives of academic and creative by putting consumers at the center of the equation. And it’s us nerds who can help make it happen. (Read full article on Medium.com)

I write about advertising and culture from the POV of an advertising analyst for the I Love Charts collection on Medium. More at languageofbrands.tumblr.com



Here is my list of go-to websites for research. We’re all fairly skilled at getting what we need via Google, but it can leave me in the weeds when searching for broad topics like “mobile trends in 2012” or “the future of e-commerce,” and often pulls up many sites with highly questionable credibility (see graphic below helps with that). When I need quick, credible, timely information I like to do a quick  site search on the following. What are your go-to spots?

The Official Google Blog

This is a great source for everything Google, but more importantly everything that Google touches–and it’s a lot. As a leader in just about all things digital, from stats on mobile adoption and use to articles on how price comparison search is influencing e-commerce, this blog has cutting edge, highly credible information that deserves a quick search for almost any project. Also, don’t forget Google Commerce and Google Mobile.

Media Post and AdAge

What don’t they cover? Their mission is to provide a complete array of resources for media, marketing and advertising professionals — and they succeed at this with flying colors. I always find something pertinent to projects I’m working on here.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is its own search engine that uses  fixed data sets, rather than crawling the web like Google. If you’re looking for stats, or better yet, to compare stats (like GDP vs wages in Mexico over time) this should be your first stop.

WIRED Magazine and The Atlantic 

When it comes to trends and evaluating some of the newer, more out there, will-this-really-last, types of things you can count on WIRED or The Atlantic to have a thorough analysis. I’m talking about things like the real impact of the recession on Americans or the future of credit cards.

More to come…

Other tips —

  • Looking into a specific industry or company? Don’t forget to check out their investor relations website with press releases, annual reports and more!